Meet Our Vendors


Mary & Dan Campbell

Comics, graphic novels, non-sport cards & collectible books

NJ Toys and Collectibles

Action figures, statues, apparel, vintage & modern toys

Michael Blatherwick

Comic books and action figures

Ed Goehringer

Tin signs (super heroes)

Herb Stubbs

Collectibles - sports, records, coins, and comic books



Thomas Stratton

Toys: LEGO compatible, action figures & comic related items

Jeff Kostuk

Silver to modern age comic books

Theodore Pannullo

Posters, comics, magazines & view masters

R&L Comics

Golden Age to Modern comics, comic memorabilia and toys


Cinsearae S. Reiniger

Comic/gothic/steampunk-themed accessories, dolls & books

Clark Manley

Vintage toy vehicles/replicas and other collectibles

Julie Bradley

Jewelry from repurposed leathers

Redonkulous Entertainment

Comic books and t-shirts