OC Con Rules

Parking: For a list of parking lots, click here.

Getting to Ocean City: For directions, click here

OC Con General Admission Tickets: This ticket will grant general access to OC Con.

·         General Admission (Adult): $10 per day or $15 for both days.

·         General Admission (Child, 12 and under): $5 per day or $8 for both days



Please be respectful to ALL competitors, attendees, vendors, staff, volunteers and judges (We reserve the right to eject or disqualify anyone who does not show courtesy and respect during the event). Ocean City Con reserves the right to revoke, without refund, anyone who does not comply with the general rules and policies.

Ocean City Con is a Family-Friendly environment for all ages. Please, keep your content to PG and no cursing or inappropriate behavior, attire or merchandise. With that being said here are some general rules and policies:

The following are not permitted for sale at the Ocean City Con:

1.       Functional firearms (including air soft guns, BB guns, paintball guns, etc.)

2.       Realistic replica firearms (including reproduction, fake or toy guns, etc. that can be confused for functional firearms).

3.       Functional projectile weapons (including blow guns, crossbows, silly string, sling shot, etc.)

4.       Sharpened metal-bladed weapons (including axes, daggers, knives, swords, etc.)

5.       Explosives (including fireworks and firecrackers)

6.       Chemical weapons (including mace, etc.)

7.       Blunt weapons (including props brass knuckles, clubs, etc.)

8.       Hard prop weapons (including props made of metal, wood, glass, etc.)

9.       Instruments that cause excessive noise levels like grenade whistles or horns.

10.   Whips

11.   Aerosol mustard